At the end of the day, the goals are simple:
Safety and Security.

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What is Traxafe?

Traxafe is a tiny, reliable live tracking device connected with a user-firendly mobile app that adapts to your use. Making sure all the people who are your world are safe and your valuables are not lost.
One device to satisfy all your needs.


Traxafe has a 12 months limited warranty period. Any defects or problem occured, the device will be repaired or replaced.


In case of emergency just shake the device twice and an alert will be sent to guardians with current location. Requesting for help.

Battery life

Traxafe lasts for 72 hours on live transmition mode. The Beacon lasts for 30 days even after the battery is dead, making it the most efficient tracker.

Crowd GPS

If unfortunately Traxafe device goes missing,the app records its last known location. When another user of the Traxafe app comes within a 150ft range of your lost item, you will receive a GPS update of where your item is even if device is off.
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Augmented Reality

The app uses your phone's camera and plots exactly where your kids are, how far from you and how to get there.


Create multiple safezones on app (school, home, class) and get notifications when your kids leave and enter that region.


Get notified when Traxafe goes 150ft far from your phone. Works amazingly good in crowded areas like malls, fairs etc.

Speed Limit

The sensors in Traxafe determine speed and distance travelled. You can set speed limit on app and get notifications when that speed is exceeded.

Multiple Trackers

You can track multiple Traxafe devices at a time. Five people can track one Traxafe at a time. Needs to be authorised by parents first.


Traxafe has advanced GPS, Beacon, GSM, high quality and accurate built in sensors and military grade security with military.

Solar Charging

Never run out of battery. The highly efficient monocrystalline micro solar panel gives you 5 hours of backup on half hour of sun's energy.


Log the details in the past. Find out where your kid, bag, car was anytime anywhere.

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Safety is like a lock but you are the key.

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